The Boerboel








The Boerboel is a large mastiff type dog, originating from South Africa, bred for the purpose of guarding the homestead, used for farm and protection work.  A large strong agile dog, with well developed and well defined musculature.  Males grow to around 65-70cm tall and weigh approximately 65-80kg.  Typically, females are smaller.  The Boerboel is obedient, intelligent and self-assured.  They are loyal and extremely protective of their territory.  Obedience training is strongly recommended as they are a powerful and headstrong breed.


Boerboels are great companions for children and in stark contrast to many other breeds who will only listen to one dominant person in their pack, they will accept the whole family as their master as they feel it is their primary duty to protect all of you. Therefore in the home they will guard your territory and the family with utter devotion.


Well in tune with their surroundings they seldom bark, but when they do you can be sure it’s for a good reason, proving how fearless and confident the Boerboel really is.