Claymore Bo - D.O.B. 9/7/2009



Appraisal score: 84.6 (SABT)


(BVA) Hip & Elbow Screened


Entropian/Ectropian: Clear


Our handsome boy and what a dog this boy is.  Everyone who meets Bo falls in love with him.  What you see is what you get with Bo, a great character, with the best temperament you could ever want in a dog of this size.  He is fun loving, always ready to play and has bundles of enthusiasm.  Bo is very knowing and not a lot will get past him!  He is also well trained and has excellent manners in and around the home.  Bo is a “people” dog and loves to have visitors.  The only problem we have with this is when we take him out on walks, he is so friendly he wants to greet everyone. 


Bo is absolutely wonderful with our son, he is very gentle around him and never seems to let him out of his sight.  It’s wonderful to see how he differentiates between a child and us adults.  (having said this, we would never leave a child unsupervised with any dog).  Bo is a fairly laid back Boerboel, but don't be fooled, he is extremely switched on and if there appears to be something out of the ordinary he’s quick to change into guard mode.


A big thank you to Garry & Tracy of Claymore Boerboels for such an amazing dog!


Hatchfields Savannah - 
Appraisal score:  80.4% (SABT)
(BVA) Hip & Elbow screened
Certified clear of Entropian/Ectropian
Certified free of Vaginal Hyperplasia
DNA profiled
Savannah’s best quality is her faithfulness. She is responsive, manageable and very affectionate with her family, although is inclined to be suspicious of strangers. Extremely territorial, Savannah is the one who makes the most noise when we have visitors to the house. She is well behaved around people once introduced and will appear to be disinterested, preferring to stand in the background assessing a situation.
Not the best looking of our dogs, Savannah is nicknamed “The Ugly Hatchling” however, she possesses other qualities. Her loyalty and devotion are clear, taking a particular shine to Ben. Lacking in bone weight, she is not a large girl, although in proportion and is within the breed standard minimum.

Hatchfields Mara - 


Appraisal Score:  80.8% (SABBS)


(BVA) Hip & Elbow Screened


Certified clear of Entropian/Ectropian


Certified free of Vaginal Hyperplasia


DNA profiled

Mara, what a Gem this girl is. Calm, gentle, loving and affectionate with an outstanding temperament, she has it all. When Boerboel beauty was given out, Mara was first in the queue, taking Savannah's share with her! She is in great shape with well defined muscle, making her that all the more impressive.


Mara is highly intelligent, extremely obedient and wants to please all of the time. She doesn't have that stubbornness that is so often found in this breed, she is all giving and expects nothing in return.


Mara is an absolute joy to be around, a playful girl, with a very high prey drive. She's always bounding around like she's the happiest girl on the block. A real feminine beauty!


Afrika Fila 1 - D.O.B: 28/12/15

(Makhulu Rafa x Afrika Celeste)


Appraisal score:


(BVA) Hip & Elbow Screened






DNA Profiled 


Fila was imported from South Africa and arrived here with us in the summer of 2016 at the age of 7 months and settled in almost immediately. From the moment she arrived at Heathrow she struck up an instant friendship with our son and loves to be in his company - all of the time! Which to be honest, is the same for all of our dogs.


She has a lovely nature, extremely confident, playful and is full of so much energy, especially for such a big girl.




Afrika Romulus (Rommel) - 24/8/15

(Mes Askam x Afrika Majali)


Appraisal score: 83.5 

(@ 13 months)


Hip & Elbow Screened


Entropian/Ectropian: Clear

                                                  DNA Profiled


Rommel was imported from South Africa and arrived here with us in early March 2017. He is an impressive young male, with a calm affectionate nature and still very much a big puppy at heart. Since arriving, his playfull puppy-like character has been emerging daily. 


We have high hopes for Rommel and can't wait to see what litters he produces for us here in the future - again bringing new blood to the UK.


Romel is a large powerful male, excellent guard and protector.....a force to be reckoned with.