Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise, two very important factors when owning a pet. With a good healthy diet and the right amount of exercise according to the dogs age, you will have a healthy happy dog!


We have a very large garden ourselves but this is in no way considered sufficient when it comes to exercise and play.


We like to take them out to different places and change the routine from time to time.  We believe that this stimulates the dogs' mind and prevents them from getting bored.




Bones And Raw Food.  As well as a dry mix, we also feed our dogs raw food, such as Chicken, Beef, Lamb (bones included), Tripe and Vegetables.  You will find this at most local pet stores in the freezer cabinets.  It is especially for dogs as it contains bone fragments.  Dogs are able to consume bones, as long as they have not been cooked.


There are a number of benefits when feeding raw, not only does it provide them with the best nutrition, it contributes to firm stools, odourless breath, healthy, shiny coats and provides them with their natural eating habits if they were living in the wild.

We have a fantastic supply of fresh meat and bones from a neighbouring farmer/butcher
Pigs trotters are the favourite here, although not on the menu often.