About us


We are Lisa & Ben we live in a small village location in the county of bedfordshire with our young son.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by woodland, open fields and a 3 acre lake close by which are all excellent places to go walking/swimming with our dogs.  We purchased our first Boerboel (Bo) in 2009, after lots of research on the breed and numerous other breeds.  Our second Boerboel (Kya) was purchased for Ben’s workplace purely as a guard dog as there had been previous break-ins.  From then on we caught the BB bug.


We have spent a lot of time visiting other Boerboel Breeders up and down the country and to Europe as there is a noticeable difference in type and variation within the breed.


Firstly, we especially wanted a family dog as we have a young child and also young family members who visit and stay with us all the time. 


Secondly, as we live in a fairly rural location, we wanted a dog with great guarding ability and although there are many other breeds we give credit to, for us none of those breeds had the full package, as well as size and power, therefore the Boerboel seemed the perfect breed for us.  We truly believe our dogs are an excellent deterrent! 


Our dogs have very different characters, but each and every one of them has admirable faithfulness, together with exceptional tolerance and placid temperaments.  The Boerboel is a truly unique breed.